She's done it to her audience, but this time Ellen showed her staff's embarrassing Facebook photos on national television. Enjoy!


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The words Audrey style" conjure images of ballet flats, little black dresses, bateau necklines, capri pants, and countless stunning fashions. Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon, got her start in the early 1950s, just as a young French designer, Hubert de Givenchy, was beginning his legendary career. Together Audrey and Givenchy were a brilliant meeting of minds., Over the course of their forty-year friendship and professional partnership
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, both became fashion icons whose collaborations influenced trends for generations to come. Audrey and Givenchy is a celebration of their work both onscreen and off, featuring fashion profiles on such classics as Sabrina , Breakfast at Tiffany's , Charade , How to Steal a Million , and perhaps greatest of all, Funny Face (who could forget the many looks of Audrey's transformation from dowdy librarian to high-fashion model?). Also covering their greatest off-screen fashion hits for awards shows and events and featuring photos throughout, Audrey and Givenchy is a stunning showcase of the most influential teaming of star and designer in fashion history.

Primark Haul / Primark shoplog / Penneys haul 2016 Duvet covers, pillows, cushions & bedding For more exclusive content join us on Twitter and Facebook: ...



Television 42" LG 42LH3000 Full HD 1080p LCD in good condition

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Facebook in Simple English - Created by Rapid Learning Life. Simple explanation of Facebook without the complications and information overload Covers ...


Fatally ill, Garvey (Malcolm McDowell) thinks he has figured out how to die alone. But when his beloved wife Evelyn (Jane Seymour) goes missing on their ...


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Laptop Stand from Slabo
Excellent ergonomics The Slabo laptop stand allows you to position your notebook in a much more comfortable position than a flat surface. Due to the angled support surface, the display of your netbook can be read at any time and you can take a more comfortable sitting position.
Improved cooling of your Notebook Thanks to the ventilation system in the center of
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the support surface, the waste heat from your notebook is better derived. The Slabo netbook holder distributes the heat to a larger area. This results in a stronger cooling of your laptop.
User-friendly cable management The cable routing integrated into the back panel allows cable tangle to be a thing of the past, and the recess is large enough to allow multiple cables to be connected quickly and easily. This way, power, mouse and data cables can be easily stowed away and the workplace looks tidy. The cable guide has an extra protection to prevent rubbing the cables at the cutout edge.
Secure hold The 4 rubber pads on the bottom ensure a safe stand on each surface. In addition, a total of 6 rubber flaps on the support surface as well as at the lower edge of the holder ensure the safe hold of your notebook or laptop.
Modern design The Slabo notebook stand made of aluminum is characterized by a trendy look, solid processing and high stability. The laptop stand makes a good figure in any environment.
Compatibility The Slabo stand is suitable for all models of MacBook, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, Powerbook and all other notebooks, laptops and netbooks.
Technical Data: Dimensions: 23 x 25 x 16,5 cm Weight: 1,34 kg Colour: space grey IMPROVED ERGONOMY - The laptop stand allows comfortable working on your laptop in the office, at home etc.
The Notebook holder is made of high quality aluminum - STYLISH DESIGN - Anti-slip rubber pads on the underside ensure a safe stand, rubber pads on the inside edge prevent scratching and slipping of the Notebook
PERFECT CABLE MANAGEMENT - For connecting the keyboard and mouse cables
IMPROVED COOLING - Increases air circulation
COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for all models of MacBook 2012 - 2018 | MacBook Pro 2012 - 2018 | Macbook Air 2012 - 2018 | Powerbook | Notebook