Do you need some tips to find the perfect destination for your summer trip? Here are five top places you should consider going to!

Where’s your favorite place to travel to in the summer? The hottest season of the year and the sunny days bring an even greater desire to travel around the country enjoying the attractions of the cities, especially the seaside ones!

So it’s time to hit the road and get to know the best destinations to enjoy your summer vacations in the United States!

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most charming destinations in the United States, thanks to the perfect combination of tranquility, hospitality, and a variety of attractions. There are countless tours, restaurants, and tourist spots to enjoy!

Allow yourself to explore its various districts and discover the different facets that San Francisco has to offer. The Mission District, for example, has an old-school hipster feel and a bubbling Latin flair, all surrounded by graffiti walls, making it one of the coolest places in the area.

Take the opportunity to visit the lively and colorful Castro district and enjoy a delicious meal in the most sophisticated restaurants of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. On the other hand, the bustling Chinatown is the Asian stronghold and has an atmosphere full of different colors and flavors.

Finally, on the outskirts of Union Square, in Downtown, are the major retail chains and the city’s financial center. Do you want to explore all San Francisco’s neighborhoods with comfort and autonomy? Book a car at Rentcars and make the most of your trip!

2. Los Angeles

Everybody knows that Los Angeles is the city of movies, but this destination offers much more, providing incredible and unforgettable experiences. In addition to visiting the studios where major motion pictures and series are recorded, visiting the famous Walk of Fame, going to the Dolby Theater and soaking in the feeling of being at the Oscars, you can also enjoy the city’s wonderful beaches in the relaxed atmosphere of the Californian coast.

Not to mention that you can still shop in Beverly Hills, visit several museums to learn a little more about local history, such as the Getty Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Griffith Observatory, and learn a little science at the California Science Center, as well as visit neighboring cities with several fun and breathtaking attractions.

Los Angeles is not only about movies.