Man, I LOVE Bikram Yoga! A healthy and confident person is ready to accept more challenges and a whole new way of life. Just by realizing the benefits gained from Bikram yoga is really an inspiration. Through testimonials and reading materials about Bikram yoga, anyone is being prepared to change for the better. Yoga – Common Beginner Questions If you’ve just started practising yoga, then you could have a few questions that you’re looking to answer. Here are the most common questions taken directly from the mouths of my yoga beginners. Hopefully you’ll find something here to suit your situation and learn something new. Yoga – Tips for Beginners Yoga offers something for everybody, no matter what age you are. It will increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. It’s also a great way to deal with stress, relax and bring together mind, body and spirit. Here are some tips for those of you who are just starting out on the yoga journey. How To Choose The Yoga Retreat For You If you are considering taking a break and going on a yoga retreat, then listen up. With a little bit of homework before you make your selection will make all the difference to turn your trip into a profound and satisfying life experience. Pain, Yoga and Other Common Misconceptions For anyone practicing yoga as a beginner, these are common misconceptions. But it’s important to understand these misconceptions before stepping on your yoga mat. Yoga Exercises For The Eyes TV, computer screens, driving, cell phones…what do all of these have in common? They are stressful on the eyes. Eye strain can lead to headaches and feeling tired – even if you’ve had enough sleep. So if your eyes are feeling strained, take about 10 minutes to do the following yoga eye exercises. Choosing Yoga Exercises As a Method for Losing Weight When it comes to losing weight, yoga exercises for weight loss are considered to be the safest way; however this is not an easy task to perform. Learn more about the practice so you can get the most benefit. Benefits of Yoga Breathing Exercises Are For Everybody Yoga breathing exercises, also known as pranayama, are the basics for an effective meditation and relaxation session. In this modern era, the stressful life and raging competition is providing a very productive ground for the evolution and spread of yoga. The Amazing Physical and Mental Bikram Yoga Benefits The practice of yoga in the United States today has become quite p