In what is just another chapter in the toxic relationship that was Johnny Depp and Amber Heard — new audio accuses Johnny of using Amber as his personal ashtray. The audio was played Monday in court — day 4 of Depp’s testimony. You hear Amber say, “Put your f–king cigarettes out on someone else … you f***** have consequences for your actions.” While there is no visual evidence in this instance, Amber Heard’s lawyer pointed out the fact that Johnny doesn’t deny burning her with a cig. In the audio, he simply responds, “shut up, fat*ss”. During the cross-examination Depp denied ever throwing a cig at Heard or using her to put one out … He said, “I think that was a grossly exaggerated moment by Ms. Heard”. This is the latest damning claim to come from the ongoing trial. Amber’s lawyer played another audio clip, where Amber says … “After you beat the sh*t out of me then a week later you show up at my doorstep.” As you know, Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million, claiming she lied when she accused him of physically abusing her … Amber is countersuing for $100 mil for defamation, claiming he coordinated a smear campaign against her. 4/19/22 Last week, JD kicked off his testimony by saying he’d never hit Amber — despite her claims  — and that he was there in court seeking the truth , no matter what. It has been a complete showdown in court … with both making explosive accusations against the other, and it looks like it will only continue.