This does not indicate that we do not look for to develop the fact we like, yet just that we really feel sure that the outcomes of our efforts will certainly be the very best for our development despite whether they are what we prefer. 2. Self-confidence in our capability to manage whatever life brings us. Why should we question that we can manage whatever comes? We have come across so lots of tests in life, and also below we are? We have actually made it through. We, as spirit, are greater than any type of possible human experience. 3. Understanding that we are worthy of love and acceptance as we are. Much of our stress and anxiety pertains to our doubts regarding our self-regard which we have a tendency to determine by what others believe as well as by the results of our efforts. Approving ourselves as we are removes much anxiety. 4. Staying in and enjoying today moment. Our fears, regrets, stress and anxiety as well as fret rarely have to do with today, however rather with the past as well as future. Neither in fact exist. The previous exists only to the degree that we carry it in our minds. The future is just as an illusion. Concentrating on what we are performing in today moment releases us from anxiety and worry.