It is no news that most Atlanta luxury homes use marble countertops. However, most people desire to be in the know why marble countertops are the choice of the architects, builders, interior designers, remodeling contractors, real estate professionals, and luxury homeowners in Atlanta.

Marble countertops are famous for the outstanding performance feature and exquisite aesthetic values. Beyond these features are other benefits derivable from the use of marble countertops in the home, either as kitchen countertops or vanity tops.

What are Marble Countertops Made of?

Marble countertops are made from marble, which is a crystallized rock made from the cooling of superheated liquefied limestone. Marble countertops are unique for their high resistance to heat and availability in a wide choice of patterns and colors.

Why Atlanta Luxury Homes Use Marble Countertops?

Luxury homeowners, as well as, architects, builders, and interior décor specialists approve the use of marble countertops for several features apart from being natural stone products. Marble countertops have a sleek and smooth surface with a magnificent pristine finish that is endearing to everyone.

However, the onus is on us to uncover other reasons for the fame of marble countertops in luxury homes in Atlanta. Read more:

Superior Aesthetics

Marble countertops are exceptionally beautiful with a sleek and smooth surface and polished and pristine finish that cannot escape the gaze of anyone. Little wonder, there are no better countertops to install in luxury homes than marble countertops. Their superior aesthetic feature makes them a magical piece of art that complements the Atlanta luxury homes.

Available in Several Patterns and Colors

Marble countertops have a wider collection of patterns and colors than granite and other products’ countertops. As a result, finding marble countertops that will blend with the existing home and bathroom décor is hassle-free. Marble countertops work well with Atlanta luxury homes.

Timeless Ornamental Items

Marble countertops have remained in constant use and trend for several decades. The reason is none other than their timeless look irrespective of how long they have been installed. They ever remain in vogue and add a touch of class and luxury to the property.

A Higher Resell Value

Properties in which marble countertops are installed have a higher resell value than properties having wooden, laminate or other kinds of countertops. Atlanta homeowners have factored in the resell value of their properties in the long run to their choice of marble countertops ahead of other types of countertops.

Why Use Art Stone Granite and Marble?

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