You want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom but you are torn between quartz and granite countertops. In reality, whichever countertop material you choose, you will still greatly benefit from it. This guide is created to help you understand the benefits these countertops in Atlanta offer. And although they differ vastly from each other, you will know exactly what to expect from them.

Pros of Using Quartz Countertops in Atlanta

Quartz Countertops in Atlanta

Just before you decide between quartz and granite countertops in Atlanta, it is important to know the advantages of using them. First on the list are quartz countertops. This material is a mineral and is among the most abundant in the planet. Although these countertops are man-made, they are manufactured in a way that gives you a lot of options. And mind you, these options refer to both monotone and textures that also have more variation.


One of the reasons homeowners prefer quartz countertops is that they do not require any maintenance. Quartz does not need to be sealed and, most importantly, it is stainless. It can efficiently handle tomato, wine, coffee, oil, and other stainable products. In addition, quartz does not hold bacteria or germs. This alone gives you the confidence that your countertop is sanitary.

Pros of Using Granite Countertops in Atlanta

Granite Countertops in Atlanta

Believe it or not, between Atlanta’s quartz and granite countertops, the latter is unique in each slab. Why exactly? That is because granite is mined as single, large slabs – all of which are 100 percent natural stone. You are guaranteed that no two sheets are identical. When it comes to colors, granite countertops can come in jumbo slab sizes. This is definitely a benefit because you do not have to put an unsightly seam in the center of your kitchen. If you have a large island or spacious kitchen, granite countertops may simply be the answer to avoid any seams.


Moreover, granite comes in hundreds of colors to choose from, and all of them are beautiful and impressive to look at. In fact, the imperfections somehow make granite so distinctive in the countertop market. Granite is also durable, as it is considered as one of the hardest stones on the planet. It can stand up to normal use quite well and can even dull your knife blades if you are not careful.


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