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Somewhere around September 2019, a liquidity crisis started quietly looming over the American economy. The United States Federal Reserve began patching holes into the economy like it was water pouring into a sinking ship.

That was done in an effort to contain what was becoming an increasingly bad liquidity crisis that neither the Fed nor the government no longer had any control over. The move was done with little choice after money markets started to spin out of control due to excessive spending by t

he US government. This money printing effort was necessary. It

was partially prompted by the country’s worst budget deal in the history of America, probably in the history of modern politics. A budget deal packed with an enormous deficit that of course was required in order to have bipartisan support. If the Fed didn’t step in when it did, the entire economy could have collapsed. And gosh darn it, the current global situation struck right in the nick of time for that money printing party to get started. Tha

t should leave you feeling shook. This is another episode in the Great Reset series. We’re here to tell you that true-true...

00:00 Intro

02:03 Fractional Banking

03:51 Inflation and money as a system of control

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