Marble countertops are one way to enhance the aesthetics of your property in Pinellas Park Florida. There are several features possessed by marble countertops that can improve the design of any property. Given that adding marble countertops in Pinellas Park, is adding to the value of your property, how much you are ready to spend will determine the extent you can use the countertops to improve the design of your property.

When deciding to fabricate and add marble countertops to your Pinellas Park Florida property, here are some important considerations to take note.

Plan for the Future Not Just for Today

Taking the future into consideration when planning to add marble countertops to your property is crucial to having the perfect design that incorporates future add-ons to your property. Determine if you would need a space for new appliances or install a different type of dishwasher, sink or stove. When you have planned possible upgrades to your property, especially the kitchen, then you can choose the design you want or have your marble countertops customized to incorporate the present needs and future upgrades.

The Storage Space

The storage space you have should be considered to ensure there is a sufficient room for storage. The length of the marble countertops is also critical if you intend to extend the span of the counter to make the kitchen look larger. Under and over counter storage is an important option. To add additional storage space, consider if it can be completed with the same marble to match the countertop design.

Theme or Entire Ambiance

The theme or ambiance you want to create with your marble countertops is crucial to the pattern and color of the countertops you choose. If you are working towards a contemporary theme, the marble countertops should have a contemporary cut from a 2-inch-thick marble slab and finished with a square edge to create a clean look. If you want to have a classic ambiance, choose countertops that have classic look and finished.


Cost is another factor to consider with respect to marble countertops to add to your Pinellas Park Florida property. The cost of the marble countertops for your property is determined by its size since it is charged per square meter.

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