Hello! I spotted the new Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls a few weeks ago at the store. I love finding new products! (Which is why I spend way too long at the grocery store and the people who work there think I’m a lil weird.) And today I’m sharing my thoughts in partnership with Gorton’s.

I’ve tried both of the new complete meal shrimp bowls and am here to report back on my findings! I tried noodle bowl right away. It was super easy to throw together a quick lunch while I made my ‘ to do’ list and scrolled through the ‘gram – but it seems so much fancier than my usual thrown together lunches.

I always keep a few frozen meals in the freezer for quick lunches on busy days. And these bowls are a nice change to my usual go-tos.

They’re a new product so if you don’t see them at your store ask if they’re available or displayed somewhere for new products.

The Gorton’s Shrimp Bowl varieties available now:

Soba Noodles Shrimp Bowl

Black Garlic Wine Risotto Shrimp Bowl

I tried the Soba Noodles Shrimp Bowl first because I love all types of Asian style noodle dishes and this didn’t disappoint. I liked all of it – the sauce, noodles and edamame.



Next I tried the black garlic and wine risotto… I really liked this one too!

I’m obsessed with mushrooms and this bowl had a ton of mushrooms in a super creamy sauce. It was a good mix of shrimp, mushrooms and risotto (something else I consider super fancy) in one complete meal bowl.

They’re a good option for a quick lunch or dinner – I think it takes me the same amount of time to make a smoothie!


You can find these new Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls in the frozen section at your local grocery store. My local Ralph’s has them.

Tip: They were near the frozen seafood – not by the frozen meals at my store.

Extra Tip: They were almost sold out! I took the last ones  

And check out information on these bowls and their other products on the Gorton’s website.

Question: What did you have for lunch?

Me: The Risotto Shrimp Bowl! Love those mushrooms!!


This post is sponsored by Gorton’s Seafood. All opinions are my own.






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