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Even when you're by yourself, you can pass the hours with the challenging fun of a game of Solitaire. Traditional marble solitaire has been enjoyed for centuries, and the Handmade Indian Wooden Solitaire Board Game was inspired by the designs of the original handmade games. Fashioned by hand by Indian artisans from Nagina in North India, this game is a handsome gift for any occasion. With the Handmade Indian Wooden Solitaire Board Game, you'll receive a game board that measures 5 inches in width by 5 inches in depth by 2 inches in height. Made out of sheesham hardwood, the game board has a rich natural finish that highlights the character of the wood grain. A groove around the game play area helps to keep the balls from rolling off while you play, and the corners are inlaid with genuine brass accents as an attractive finishing touch. Along with the game board, the Handmade Indian Wooden Solitaire Board Game includes a full set of stainless steel balls for game play. The game board includes an under drawer with a round knob. You can keep the balls stored away inside of the drawer in between games to keep them from becoming lost. The Handmade Indian Wooden Solitaire Board Game can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Because of its compact size, it is perfect for taking with you on the go to pass the time when you're traveling. Its exquisite design also makes it an appealing decorative item. You can place it on a desk to use as a stress-relieving diversion or set it up in a waiting room to help patients or clients pass the time. The game set also makes a handsome accent to the decor of a den, game room, study or family room at home. Whether you're looking for something to entertain you on the go, to enhance the look of your home or place or business or to give as a gift for any occasion, the Handmade Indian Wooden Solitaire Board Game is the perfect choice. Add this artisan crafted game for adults to your cart today.Handsomely handcrafted natural sheesham wood game board with brass accents
Measures 5 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches in size; Compact for traveling
Includes stainless steel balls for game play
Storage Drawer slides open and closed for storing balls between games
Produced by artisans in nagina, North India