Today on the podcast… Ultra marathon runner, running coach, shoe expert, wife and mom – Andrea Kooiman! She’s sharing her tips on how to fit marathon training into a busy schedule. Plus we talk about her big scary dream of running a legendary race that is so hard NO ONE finished this year ( the Barkley Marathons), the 1 thing she MUST have when she’s running and more! I love realistic tips and she’s super motivating – so you can learn something today no matter where you are in your journey.

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Warm Up:

The knife skills class was a success! (in that I didn’t chop off any fingers)

I took a class at Sur La Table with a friend and it totally inspired me! I want to go to culinary school now!

Or maybe eat at a Michelin Star restaurant…?

Julie and Julia – movie, blog and random thoughts I had while learning how to chop.

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Main Event

Today I’m talking to Andrea Kooiman – she’s an ultra marathon runner, running coach and running gear expert. She balances marathon training, work, family and more and makes it look easy!

A while back I saw on her instagram that she ran the Barkley Fall Classic and I had to reach out because I have seen the Barkley Marathons documentary and wanted to know all about her experience.

For those that don’t know – The Barkley Marathons is a 100 mile ultra-marathon race  in Tennessee in March or April each year. It’s on a very challenging trail course with time limits and check points.

Registration is very limited and secretive- basically the Race Director hand picks the 40 runners each year. The race has a very strict set of rules – no gps watches, no set start time, etc.  In addition to running, competitors have to find books along the course (the exact number varies each year) and remove the page corresponding to the runner’s race number from each book as proof of completion.After that loop the runners get a new race number, and thus a new page requirement, at the start of each lap.

This year – no one finished.

The Barkley Fall Classic in a 50 K race on the same trail – but this race has aid stations, a set start time, you can sign up online and it’s about 32 miles.

The Barkley Marathons Documentary – check out the movie and other favorite running movies here. 

We chat about –

How to make time to train for a race when you’re busy.

How do you go from a marathon to an ultra?

Her big scary goal – The Barkley Marathons

Her favorite gear and running shoes.

And more!


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2. Hoka Running Shoes


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