Hello! I felt my hamstrings were super tight this morning so I cut my long run a little short and had a good stretch session. Ahhhhh. I needed that.

And then I needed a smoothie! (Well, first I needed a shower and water.)

So I whipped up another mango smoothie with spinach and tons of toppings. I like to eat it in a bowl so I make them extra thick so I use a lot of ice and blend twice.

ManGo Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe:


1 – 6oz Real California milk vanilla yogurt
1 cup frozen mango
handful of spinach
1 Tb. chia seeds
(ice or splash of milk to get desired consistency)


Combine all ingredients. Blend thoroughly – adding a splash of water if it’s too thick.

Serve topped with granola, cacao nibs, chia seeds, nuts, etc…



I’m sharing 5 different smoothie recipes this week!

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*More recipes coming soon!*


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