Hiring a good roofer can help you keep your home free from mold. Not only can it save you and your family's health, but it can also increase the lifespan of your home. This article explains how. A professional roofer can ensure that your house is mold-free by taking measures to eliminate mold or simple by ensuring that the mold can't thrive in your home in the first place. Mold grows in certain conditions in your home, such as in areas where there is a leak, and you can eradicate the possible of mold growth by obtaining the services of a professional that will ensure these conditions are not present in your home. Mold grows in areas where there is an inadequate supply of ventilation, especially in areas such as the attic. A professional roofer will ensure that your home is properly ventilated to prevent any growth of mold. We all know to open windows and get fresh air, but it is also important that the attic is ventilated since this is a major component in roof mold growth.