BChanV - Paid Volunteer Work While Travelling Abroad http://bchanv.org/News/paid-volunteer-work-while-travelling-abroad/ If you are travelling abroad, there are many things that will make their way onto your to-do list. From seeing tourist attractions, to sightseeing and experiencing new cultures, travelling comes with a lot of planning. One of the things, however, that people often realise later on is that you will: Need money to continue on with your travels Be able to make a living WHILST travelling across the globe. It is possible to become a paid volunteer while travelling abroad, and the fact that you stumbled onto this blog is the first step. Paid volunteer jobs: They are for everyone It is important to r Read Moreemember that often times people forget that while they are volunteering abroad, they can also make money. International volunteers, gap year individuals, career breaks, and students abroad can all benefit immensely from paid volunteer work. It truly is the best of both worlds as you get to continue with your travels and be able to afford it all too. Paid volunteer work is available for those looking to earn money abroad – it really is as simple as that. Better yet, there are various creative ways to make the most of your holiday by making money while experiencing parts of the world at the same time. Although it can be more intimidating looking for a job while you are abroad, there are many creative solutions that are available for you to use. Now, let the record show that these money-making solutions won’t make you rich but they could help you extend your holiday and give you more opportunities. Here are some ideas for paid volunteer work Blogging Starting a blog is free, and many websites offer you an opportunity to start a blog. There are specific sites like WordPress blogs, Blogger blogs and many others that can help house your content. Starting a blog is not hard at all, so don’t panic, all you need is a few topics of interest that you can blog about – just make sure it’s on something you love. You can write about where you are volunteering, what you are doing and where you have been. The blogs can be on just about anything and if you have good quality content and have a large following, you can make good money.  Keep in mind that you can also popularize your blog by telling your friends and acquaintances ad send them a link encouraging them to read and share it amongst all of their own contacts. In order to monetize your content, you are going to need to run it through certain apps like Google Adwords; Infolinks, affiliate marketing and paid advert Thu, 10 Mar 2022 11:20:25 UTC en