Pinellas Park, Florida residents do not just prefer quartz countertops to other materials, they must have good reasons. Of all the options available in the market for home improvement projects, quartz countertops in Pinellas Park Florida have certain peculiarities that demand research. After a diligent research, likely reasons that may be responsible for the preference were discovered. So, learn why.

Quartz countertops passed through an engineering process, unlike natural stone products like granite and marble. Quartz comprises 95% crushed quartz and 5% binders. The engineering process accounts for why quartz countertops have perfect finishing and available in many colors.

Why Pinellas Park Florida Residents Prefer Quartz Countertops


Being products of engineered processes, quartz countertops are strong, high-quality, and free from imperfections characteristic of marble and granite countertops. The man authored process of infusing the materials ensures the perfection of the products and intriguing beauty. So, they last longer than other products, not susceptible to scratching, and require no maintenance cost.


Like people in other states, Pinellas Park Florida residents find quartz countertops exceedingly beautiful. The countertops become the focal point of attraction wherever they are installed. They are beautiful and have a sleek finishing that rubs off on any room they are installed.

Availability in Custom Colors

Quartz countertops have the highest number of custom colors such as lustrous white, sandy brown, and monolithic black. So, you can match the countertops with the existing décor in the room without creating any color conflict. If you installed them as bathroom vanities or kitchen countertops, they go well with other interior decoration materials.


Quartz countertops have high resistance to scratches, water, and heat. When they are used in the kitchen, they make the kitchen more functional by providing a spacious usable surface to that hot cooking utensils can be placed. Besides, they are resistant to stain and prevent bacteria from breeding on the surface since there is no space for water to sit in.

Valuable Add-on

Pinellas Park Florida residents are aware of the financial value that quartz countertops add to any property. Properties that have quartz countertops have a higher value than similar properties without the countertops in Pinellas Park. Consequently, quartz countertops are an easy way to increase the worth of a property.

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