How quartz countertops have become the latest craze in Clearwater Florida is amazing. There must be certain features possessed by quartz countertops in Clearwater Florida that make them indispensable in construction and remodeling projects. Let us delve into why quartz countertops are the rave in Clearwater Florida.

What are Quartz Countertops in Clearwater Made of?

Quartz countertops are products of quartz comprising 95% of crushed quartz and 5% resin. Quartz undergoes an engineering process, unlike granite and marble. As a result, they are permanently sealed and available in an array of colors and patterns with a shiny and smooth surface.

Why Quartz Countertops Are the Latest Craze in Clearwater Florida

Quartz countertops have a wider collection in terms of color and patterns than marble and granite countertops in Clearwater. They are also stronger and almost maintenance-free. Below are the reasons for the choosing quartz countertops in Clearwater Florida than laminate, wooden, and natural stone countertops:

They are a novel brand in the countertops world

Although quartz countertops have been around for several decades, they are an improvement on the weaknesses of granite and marble countertops. They are engineered products allowing their colors and pattern to be determined according to the trending designs and styles.

They are exquisitely beautiful

As products of human technology and arts, quartz countertops have fascinating glamor that radiates on everything around them. So, they are used to enhance the aesthetics of properties. In the kitchen, they are the focal point of attraction and the most artistic décor in the bathroom.

They are durable

Quartz countertops are extremely strong having no imperfections like marble and granite countertops. They do not have to be re-sealed every time and have high resistance to scratching, chipping, cracking, and much more. So, they do not get damaged or require a replacement.

They are available in ingenious patterns and colors

Quartz countertops come in stunning patterns and colors that are typical of modern homes. So, they easily add class, elegance, and luxury to properties than natural stone products. And they complement the existing décor in the home.

They increase the resell value of properties

The essence of any investment is higher returns. So, it has been found out that properties having quartz countertops installed in them sell faster at great prices than properties without quartz countertops.

They are easy to maintain

Quartz countertops are low maintenance products as they do not require re-sealing or frequent polishing like granite and marble countertops. They only need to be cleaned with a damp cloth and non-acidic dish soap to keep sparkling like when they were freshly installed.

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