Firstly let us state that this is the type of schedule that Senior rugby players will follow , it may not be practical for youth players unless they can get their parents on side early and ensure that they understand why they are being asked to fund and manage this type of recovery. It will not work for those that are playing multiple sports , over the weekend and that is why most multi sports players tend to lose muscle and weight throughout the season.

First lets deal with the first 60 minutes after a game - there are any number of options however we must look at the practical options in say Australian youth rugby situations and adapt them to the senior ranks, if need be.
The first 60 minutes after a game:

In an ideal world we would consider one of these as a priority after a game - and yet most youth players never do it

a. Ice Bath for at least 10 minutes x 2 or 3

b. Cold shower to aid recovery and to flush lactic form the system with self massage of the legs and especially the calves.If this can not be dome immediately then at least get it done when you get home.
Replacing Lost fluids- Rehydrate

At the same time we need to be :  Getting replacement fluids into the system and remember the target is to ensure that the next time we urinate that the fluid is clear , if this is not the case then drink more. You can use water, replacement drink, gatorade etc

Replacing Energy lost and ensure muscle growth

Secondly get some food into the system, preferably something with reasonably high levels of protein, with carbohydrates - White bread sandwich, protein bars, protein drinks,

Maintaining the flow -

Keep the fluid up ( drink more) and get the food into you

Rest aids Recovery

As detailed in previous statements rest aids recovery - chilling for the rest of the day, watching TV etc. Even studying if need be will relax you , however be aware of the traps of sitting for too long - that does not flush th=e system it prolongs the lactic etc from flushing by virtue that the legs are lower than the heart and that often the chair will form a restriction on the back of the knees.
Do Skins assist recovery - answer to that is yes - they keep compression on the lower legs and legs and assist in flushing the system - 

Injuries and Recovery

As stated at the top of the page, Ice baths, cold showers and ICE will assist you to recover form niggly little injuries , those small contusions (bumps) that occurs duri