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Social Media Marketing 2018
How can organizations use Social Media as an effective tool to further their business success?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Co. have become established parts of the marketing mix. At the same time, strategic, professional and targeted activities are essential to maximize the added value Social Media will bring to your organization.
The author of this book, Stephanie Holmes, draws on 15 years of online-marketing and Social Media experience to help organizations successfully use Social Media to optimize their online communications.
She takes a hands-on, easy to follow approach and provides valuable insights into creating a tailored Social Media strategy for your organization - no matter how tight your budget or time constraints may be.
The contents at a glance:
What Social Media can do for your businesses - and which limitations have to be consideredThe most relevant platforms for businesses in 2018How small and medium sized businesses can get the most out of Social MediaThe key success factors for Social MediaCase studies about small, medium and large sized businesses in various industriesA step-by-step guide for planning a tailored Social Media strategy for your organizationWays to deal with negative feedback and crises in Social MediaTips on monitoring and improving results in Social MediaOWL Step-by-Step Guides
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