Atlanta granite countertops that are not appropriately maintained will gradually lose their shine. It is even possible for them to get scratched or cracked. If you do not want a lost financial investment and intend to keep the beauty of your granite countertops, then better take into consideration the following dos and don’ts.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Atlanta Granite Countertops

1. Do Use Mild Water

It is important to use mild water mixed with soap to remove dust and dirt. Although you still have the option to use special cleaners, it is always best to consult your supplier or installer fist. They have the knowledge as to what cleaner is perfect for your granite countertops in Atlanta.
2. Do Not Use These

As much as possible, do not clean your countertop with lemon juice, oils, or any kind of acidic compound that friends and other family members might advise. Remember that granite does not go dull or etch quickly.
3. Do Consider Professional Atlanta Granite Countertops Help

Most of time, it is really better to seek help from a person who knows a lot of things about granite countertops Atlanta. Unfortunately, not all countertop companies use effective solutions. Hence you will have to be very careful when it comes to this part.
4. Do Not Keep Lotions or Creams

It is true that these seem to be much less threatening than acidic materials, but they can still leak and infiltrate the stone directly. As a result, there will be stain. The same must especially applied to countertops installed in the bathroom. You will have to keep those toiletry items safe and far from damaging your countertops.
5. Do Tidy the Surface of Your Granite Countertops

You must do this by utilizing a soft fabric. Another excellent option is a sponge. What you do not wish to make use of is a brush or other similar apply with rough surfaces.
6. Do Not Spill Acidic Materials

This one here includes tomato sauce, coffee, or wine. These must not be spilled on your countertop, or if they do, be sure to tidy them up right away. Accidents happen anyway and they are really out of our control, so just make sure that you do not leave these acidic materials unattended.


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