The fear of getting sick or of having a health condition is called health anxiety. There are many types of health anxiety. somatic symptom disorder is one type that involves an intense fear of illness. The symptoms may be as extreme as being afraid to leave the house or have someone touch you because you are worried about having a disease. If you have any of these symptoms you should seek help.
The symptoms of somatic symptom disorder are very real and can interfere with day to day activities. You could find yourself having pains and aches all over your body. You may also experience tingling or numbness in your hands, feet, or legs. You may also have sensations of your organs or limbs becoming hard to move. The physical symptoms are very real but there is a difference between being sick and having a health condition.
Health conditions include major illnesses like cancer or HIV/AIDS. There are other symptoms associated with these illnesses that are not considered health anxiety. These include digestive problems, hallucinations, or changes in personality. These are not the same as symptoms of illness. They are your body's way of coping with an abnormal situation. It is how your body "knows" that your body is ill.
For some people with this illness can even last longer than a year. Many people believe that the symptoms they experience mean that they are going crazy. They believe that they are losing their mind or going crazy. This is not true. Your anxiety simply gives you a heightened awareness of when it might be time to seek help for your health anxiety.
somatic illness anxiety disorder can be treated. You need to get a diagnosis before you start treatment. A health anxiety disorder is when your body senses an unusual physical sensation and you begin to worry about having a serious illness. This can happen in many areas of your body.
The most common symptoms include shivering or shaking, nausea, or dizziness. Some people even have stomach problems or diarrhea. But there are some people who only experience a mild form of mental health anxiety disorder. They may experience slight twitching or muscle spasms. They might even feel very light headed. This type of symptom is not considered serious illness anxiety disorder, but you should still get a medical evaluation just to make sure.
Serious illnesses like cancer and HIV do not cause somatic symptoms. So when you have a health anxiety, the physical symptoms are what makes you feel out of control. It makes you