Travelling to China can be a rather memorable experience. It’s a destination that feels like you’re travelling to a whole other planet. Whenever I get asked, have I travelled to China, I’m always reluctant to say yes.
I have a love/hate relationship with visiting China as it’s not a comfortable place to travel around. But please, don’t let this put you off your trip entirely, it’s a good thing. 
I guess I love it more for this very reason, that it is a challenging country to travel around.  And it is for this very reason I’ve put together this blog post as I wanted to share my top Useful things to know before you travel to China. 
If only I had known these few things before I departed on my first trip to China, I feel I would have enjoyed my first trip a lot more. It is a country that grows with you over time. 
I do hope that this information helps you to navigate around China A lot better from the get-go.
China offers many incredible destinations to travel too, such as:  See pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center.
Exploring the forbidden city of Beijing.
Taking on the dangerous challenge of the plank walk on Mount Hua.
Unearthing the Terracotta Army outside of the ancient city of Xi’an.
Walking along the Great Wall of China.
Exploring the busy hustle of Shanghai city.
Relaxing on the tropical island paradise of Hainan.  Simply put, China covers a lot of ground for travellers with much to see and do.
After all, China is one of the world’s most populous countries. Did you know that you can find 102 cities in China with a population of over 1 million people? Now that’s a lot of people. 
Nothing wrong with a challenge, In fact, I would prefer a challenge whilst travelling, It’s always a nice change to get lost on your own without an understanding of where you might end up.  
Always be prepared before you travel, jump into the deep end and most importantly, have fun. However, I can give you a few tips I wish I knew before travelling to China. 
You will have moments throughout your trip to China when all you can simply say is “oh China”! It is a special place, and you will stumble across the most bizarre of situations. 
And a brief word of warning, health and safety is a whole different ball game in China. So do be on guard where ever you go and be sure to take out reliable travel insurance before your trip to ensure you’re covered. 
You will need to arrange a VPN before your trip to China 
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