What is wrong with me? That’s a question we tend to ask ourselves when we make bad decisions after struggling with mental illness or a challenging life event. Sometimes, we feel stuck in our heads and beat ourselves up for actually acting entirely normal. If we sleep too much, we assume it’s depression, but sometimes we just need more sleep, or it’s darker for extended periods, so our brain is tricked into sleeping longer. We get rejected by someone we really like, and our game is off for weeks. Yet, that pesky brain of yours keeps asking you the same question, ‘what is wrong with me?’ when the answer is simply this: nothing is wrong with you; this is all part of being human. 

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What Is Wrong With Me: 17 Ways to Get Yourself On Track

1. Nobody’s Perfect

When you ask yourself what is wrong with me, remember that no one’s perfect. That’s actually what makes life wonderful. We always have room for improvement, something to strive for. A future self we can mold ourselves into. Rather than beating yourself up for going through a rough patch or a setback or making mistakes, permit yourself to be a flawed person. Not even people who try really hard to do the right thing do the right thing all the time. Sometimes, even our best intentions set us up for failure. If it were easy to do the right thing all the time, everyone would be perfect, and life would be dull. There’s a blessing in disguise for your imperfections. They help shape your future self. Maybe a terrible decision you made forces you to reevaluate yourself, make adjustments, and work on a 2.0 version of yourself. If you never have bad days, you’ll never appreciate how wonderful a good day feels.

2. Thoughts Can Be Wrong

“What is wrong with me?” you ask yourself. Well, let’s take a look at those thoughts in your head. How’s it going up there? Is it the negativity vortex spiraling you into a breakdown? Or are unicorns dancing near rainbows on a sunny day? If you’re Googling what is wrong with me, I would guess that your thoughts might be leading you astray. 

You are not your thoughts. Thoughts come up into your brain even when you’re not thinking about them. Sometimes, they’re toxic. And if you act on those negative thoughts, you end up doing bad things. The