BChanV - When Meditation Is Mastered The Mind Is At Rest http://bchanv.org/News/when-meditation-is-mastered-the-mind-is-at-rest/ Once meditation has been mastered, the mind will be at rest. In the state of meditation, the aspirant will become aware of all objects of consciousness, including thoughts and breath. As a result, the aspirant will not swerve from eternal life and will never desire anything else. This will allow the aspirant to live a life of total freedom. In this state, the mind will be calm and unflinching, and the aspirant will not desire anything but the Self. The benefits of meditation can be derived from a number of different aspects. One of these is the ability to retrain the mind. The mind is naturall Read Morey attracted to forms. Once a person is able to control this aspect of his or her life, he or she can become free of afflictions. The individual will have more self-confidence, and the universe will remove all negativity in his or her life. While practicing meditation, the mind is constantly seeking forms. If you indulge in eat too much, drink too much, or indulge in vices, you will have trouble with the practice. By developing a more temperate mind, you will be able to withdraw the mind from selfish cravings and ultimately attain the state of union. By observing your thoughts and their patterns, you will learn how to overcome the obstacles that avert your progress in meditation. In addition to focusing on the world around you, the mind is always searching for forms. It is important to recognize that your mind is prone to these self-defeating thoughts. By developing mindfulness, you will be able to see these thoughts and to change them into positive ones. In this way, you will achieve the goal of a state of union. When you master the mind, the universe will remove all the negativity that surrounds you. Practicing meditation requires an extremely temperate mind. A person who is continually overeating, sleeping, or engaging in vices will not succeed in meditation. By developing a temperate mind, a person will be able to overcome all of their troubles and overcome their fears. The universe will remove the negativity that plagues their life and make it a happy one. When a person becomes more relaxed and calm, they will experience peace, joy, and contentment. The ultimate benefits of meditation lie in the knowledge of Atman. Once a person has learned to control their own mind, they will be free from all forms of suffering. When they know the Atman, they will be able to act in accordance with their inner self and be at peace. If a person is able to achieve this state of uni Tue, 18 Jan 2022 16:22:30 UTC en