When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, one of the most important things is to carefully choose the right countertop material. Perhaps among the best ones are none other than granite countertops in Atlanta, thanks to their durability and variety of colors. Interestingly, there are two granite colors, and both of them can really make a huge difference. These are none other than black and white granite countertops.


In case you are wondering, this guide will help you out. It explains some, if not all, of the benefits of using these colors.

What is Black and White Granite Countertops?

Black and White Granite Countertops

First off are black granite countertops. For starters, there are various colors (absolute black and black pearl being the most common) available for black granite countertops. This one is pretty much consistent when it comes to color and texture, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen or bathroom. And yes, such variety can put a very interesting dynamic to either area.

Second are white granite countertops. But make no mistake: these countertops are not entirely white in nature. They still come with different colors, and it is either of veins or flecks. In any case, they still add an interesting dynamic to your bathroom or kitchen. Overall, black and white granite countertops are a worthy investment. They both add distinctiveness and a unique dimension to your kitchen.

What Makes Black and White Granite Countertops Beneficial?

Black granite countertops with white cabinets Atlanta

Now you know what black and white granite countertops are, it is about time you also understand the benefits they offer. Black countertops, in particular, can give any space a unique look and feel. They simply create a sense of depth from the lack of color. The presence of black granite countertops has the ability to accentuate other colors used in your bathroom or kitchen. Although choosing the color of a countertop is pretty much a personal taste, you can never go wrong with black granite countertops.

White granite countertops, on the other hand, make your kitchen or bathroom look bigger. And with the variety of shades they come with, you can easily coordinate these countertops with your kitchen or bathroom’s current design. Apart from that, the area can also look lighter and provide a “feel good” ambiance. That is certainly something you want to feel while preparing or cooking food.


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