BChanV - Why Use Quartz for Bathroom Countertops http://bchanv.org/News/why-use-quartz-for-bathroom-countertops/ https://marblegranitecountertopstampa.com/use-quartz-bathroom-countertops/ One trend in countertops these days is quartz for kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops. Quartz has exceptional qualities that make it desired by architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners. It can work with almost any decorating style. Gone are the days when bathroom vanities were overlooked as a key element of bathroom décor. Using quality countertops is now considered as another way to increase the resale value of a property apart from enhancing the visual appeal of the bathroom. While th Read Moreere are several kinds of countertops made from different materials in the market, quartz stands out for bathroom countertops due to its elegant blend of quality and cost. What makes using quartz for bathroom countertops a great decision? Sleek and Beautiful: Quartz is used today because it has a kind of glow that is not present in other bathroom vanities. Quartz countertops are a beautiful addition to the bathroom. They are available in any color you want because they are made from quartz, engineered stone. Striking Resemblance with Granite: Some Quartz colors are designed in a way to make them resemble natural stones. Although they look like granite countertops, quartz bathroom countertops can be more pleasing to the eyes with more uniform patterns and offer more choices to the buyers. Durable: Quartz is so hard that only diamonds and sapphires are harder than it. So, quartz countertops are as durable as granite countertops. Quartz bathroom countertops can withstand the impact of a dropped item without cracking or chipping. They are also non-porous and resistant to scratches and stains- a guarantee that their surface will stay shinning for a long time. Low Maintenance: Quartz for bathroom countertops requires non-extensive or costly upkeep. That adds to its cost effectiveness. Besides, quartz countertops need not be sealed or resealed like other types of bathroom countertops. Resistant to Bacteria: Quartz countertops have a surface that is not only hygienic but also easy to clean. Quartz is resistant to bacteria and virus; so, it is ideal for families with kids. If you are looking for countertops that will make you feel you have stepped into your personal spa, quartz bathroom countertops are your perfect choice. They will not only add beauty and elegance to your bathroom but also add a touch of luxury. Contact TB Marble & Granite for your quartz for bathroom countertops. We offer high-quality products and have excellent craftsmanship. Our products and services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us at http://marblegranitecountertopstampa.com/. Fri, 30 Nov 2018 18:00:00 UTC en