Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Ours included swimming at my dad’s house, the Tucson Mermaid Festival (more info to come on that.. it was quite a scene) and the usual weekend shenanigans. I’d love to hear what you were up to!

For today, I’m so excited to finally share this year’s Summer Shape Up info with you. 

Thank you so much for all of your patience, especially since this year was a bit crazy. We moved right at the beginning of summer and there have been a lot
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of changes. With the girls home from school, work time was pretty scarce. Now that they’re back in school and we can get back into more of a routine, I’m so pumped to get cranking on more content, workouts, and videos to share with you. 

Since everything was a bit of a rat race, I didn’t have time to reach out to potential sponsors for SSU. Our SSU and WSU sponsors are amaaaaazing, and really help to make the shape ups possible. We’ll have sponsors and more giveaways for WSU since I have my life together now. Since I don’t need to post every week for the sponsor giveaways, and because this is more of an end-of-summer Shape Up, I have PDFs for you with everything in one spot. I really hope you enjoy the new format and all of the free workout goodies! 

As usual, we have 4 weeks of workouts, guidelines for getting started, tons of meal ideas, and 2 weeks of meal plans from my friend, Kim Mcdevitt, RD. She’s an expert at fueling athletes, promoting energy and fitness performance, so these meal plans are an ideal complement to your Shape Up workouts. You can send her some love on Instagram or over on her page!

Special thanks to Julia at Luminous Lines for creating these gorgeous PDFs for you. We have an incredible full-color version, a printer-friendly version, and your bonus meal plan. I hope you love them!

Enter your email address here to get everything in your inbox:

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Please take a second to join our Facebook group here so we can motivate each other along the way. The fun starts TODAY, but you can join in at any time.

Happy Summer Shape Up!!



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Transformation of the Day: Stacee lost 100 pounds. As she took action to change her lifestyle, she fell in love with how her body changed and how her health improved. Adopting healthy eating habits and exercising regularly has really paid off for her. Check out her journey. What was your motivation? I was motivated because

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Over the course of the Mission: Impossible franchise, the character of Benji Dunn has gone from IT guy to in-the-thick-of-it field agent. Comedic actor Simon Pegg decided to take the lead from his role and get himself the kind of body that could throw down if push came to shove.


“It has been cool to play someone who starts out as a lab potato and turns into a much more capable field agent,” says Pegg. Mission: Impossible—Fallout marks his fourth movie in the series, with the first
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being Mission: Impossible 3. “That was physically as well, I looked like a potato in MI3. But he has become much more fit, now that he’s working in the field. I think physically I have gotten younger onscreen as these films have progressed, because the training is so intense.”



On his search for the right help to get him in action hero shape, Pegg stepped into the gym of Nick Lower, who owns re:bourne fitness and nutrition in England. “Simon said that he was ready to get into the best shape of his life,” says Lower. There was extra initiative when a certain casting was announced—Henry Cavill. “I remember that Simon turned to me and said, ‘Superman is going to be in the movie.’”

Why Tom Cruise Is Making Stunt History in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The two set up a program that included five days of intense training along with one active rest day, and a carefully monitored diet plan. Lower slowly intensified the program with the approach of Fallout. “I would say the whole year leading up to production we worked on pushing Simon to a new level,” he says. “He was down to 10 percent body fat by the end of it.”

The fact that Mission: Impossible is a Tom Cruise-production also meant that there was going to be a lot of stunt work and action sequences, which Pegg would be a part of. They incorporated mitt work and sprints into their circuit days. For this movie, Pegg also had to train up to drive a speed boat along the canals of Paris and dive using a rebreather.

“These films always are physically challenging,” Pegg says. That goes for off the camera, as well, when he trains with Cruise. “I hope to keep getting better built so I can keep hanging. Tom and Ving now call me ‘Six-Pack Pegg’ on set. So I just want to hold onto that nickname for as long as I can.”

Circuit A

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. Finish the circuit with 2 minutes of cardio. Complete 3 rounds of this circuit with 2 minutes rest in between.

Side Plank Snatch With Kettlebell (Left)
Side Plank Snatch With Kettlebell (Right)
Mountain Climbers
Kettlebell Reverse Lunge, Clean & Press
Kettlebell Front Squats
Cardio (2 minutes): Sprint

Circuit B

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. Finish the circuit with 2 minutes of cardio. Complete 3 rounds of this circuit with 2 minutes rest in between.

Single Leg Step-Up (Left)
Single Leg Step-Up (Right)
Box Jumps
Leg Raises
Cardio (2 minutes): Cross-Trainer Sprint

Circuit C

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. Finish the circuit with 2 minutes of cardio. Complete 3 rounds of this circuit with 2 minutes rest in between.

Med Ball Slams
Med Ball Burpees
Spider-Man Push-Ups
Squat Thrusts
Cardio (2 minutes): Hill Run
The stars (or the moon if you want to be literal) have aligned this year for the annual Perseid meteor shower. The new moon falls this weekend on August 11, just as the meteor shower reaches its peak, which means that the skies will be dark and ideal for viewing the full splendor of the Perseids. Here’s your primer to getting the best view of one of nature‘s most spectacular shows.

What is the Perseid meteor shower?

Every year, the Earth moves through the cloud of debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle (n
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amed after its discoverers Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle in 1862) between mid-July and the end of August. The particles, which are only about the size of a grain of sand, rocket toward Earth at 132,000 miles per hour, burning up in the atmosphere and creating streaks and fireballs in the sky. Because they appear to originate from the constellation Persus, they’re known as Perseids.

When is the best time to see them?

Perseids usually peak between August 9 and 14, when there are more than 60 meteors visible per hour. This year, they’ll peak on the night of Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12, with scientists speculating that Sunday will be the better show. Their point of origin means they’re best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, and the highest amount of activity happens pre-dawn—between midnight and sunrise. Earlier in the night, before 11 p.m., they will appear as streaks with longer tails as they move through the atmosphere at a wider angle, but as it gets closer to dawn, the frequency will increase and they will appear as fireballs as they approach the Earth more perpendicularly.

How do you get the best view?

You don’t need any equipment or to be in a special location to see the Perseids—all you need are your eyes and a view of the sky directly above. Even those in the Southern Hemisphere will be able to see them, although they won’t see as many. Your best bet is to get to higher ground or somewhere remote where you have an unobstructed view of the sky, away from light pollution. This should be easy for those in rural areas, but for city dwellers, it’s more of a challenge. You may have to drive out of the city to get the best view, but granted you don’t live somewhere with a lot of smog or fog, you should be able to catch a glimpse of some of the action even in a city.

Learn more about the Perseid meteor shower in this video from SciNews.

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The late Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Bob Feller scoffed at modern players for lifting weights. Feller, who grew up on a farm in Iowa, thought it was absurd to spend hours carrying iron around indoors when you could do some meaningful labor outside that actually accomplished something. Think about it: Why drive to a gym and haul weights around or toil on machines in order to work your body the way people did naturally for thousands of years?

10 Ways to Burn 1,000 Calories and Not Even Realiz
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e It

Indeed, there’s nothing that better challenges your flexibility, strength, stability, and endurance than around-the-house tasks like gardening or yard work. Plus, these movements better mimic the motions of everyday life. We rotate our bodies in every direction. Simple movements like raking leaves, pulling weeds, digging holes, or installing plants and shrubs require these rotational movements. So by “training” your body this way, you counteract the effects of sitting too much while making your body leaner and more resistant to injury.

Here are 10 household chores that’ll torch burn as many calories as a workout.

Pete Williams is a NASM certified personal trainer and the author and co-author of a number of books on performance and training.
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