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Hotspot Shield review -

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If you’ve been on the internet as long as I did, the name Hotspot Shield, hits that nostalgia button. It’s been around since 2008, so it seems this Hotspot Shield review might be a bit overdue. Hey, I’m John, the VPN Pro guy, about to answer all the questions you see before you.

Yes, I will cover all of it, even how it goes with Hotspot Shield VPN free vs premium versions.


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y full list of TOP VPN providers:



0:00 Intro

0:30 Is Hotspot Shield safe to use?

1:29 Can Hotspot shield ensure a strict no-logs policy?

2:18 How fast is it?

3:01 Is it capable of unlocking streaming content?

4:02 How limited is the free version?

4:32 How does it compare to market leaders?

5:09 Conclusion




As promised, I will start with talking about the Hotspot Shield VPN security. Interestingly enough, it runs with a proprietary Hydra protocol. This protocol still utilizes the golden standard - AES-256 encryption. Though it is being gradually displaced by the modern ChaCha20 encryption in market leading VPNs. As per usual, I check if a VPN has a kill switch, and Hotspot Shield VPN does have one and as far as I’ve tested, it works pretty well, preventing leaks during network instability. However, I’ve noticed that Hotspot Shield’s Mac app doesn’t have this feature. But perhaps the biggest downside to me is the lack of any significant extra features. Hotspot Shield VPN doesn’t offer any additional protection besides the encryption, no online protection from malicious links, no split tunneling or port forwarding. Having those is not necessary, but hopefully Hotspot Shield will get new features in the future.




Next, in this Hotspot Shield VPN review, I want to cover privacy. Hotspot VPN 2022 operates from the jurisdiction of the United States, and you and I both know that’s not ideal - the US is part of the 5-eyes intelligence sharing alliance. Furthermore, despite having a legitimate no-logs policy on the premium version, Hotspot Shield free version collects a variety of your data. Yeah, you should be seeing this info on the screen. I wouldn’t want anyone keeping that info for whatever purpose
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1️⃣ PrivateVPN -

List of the best VPN providers -

Full article on port forwarding:

Port forwarding is one of the rare features offered by VPNs - and it sounds like a big deal, helping with torrenting, gaming and such… But what is port forwarding exactly? In this video I aim to have port forwarding explained for you, so that you will know why and how to port forward.


💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:

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0:00 Intro

0:25 What is port forwarding?

0:54 Why use port forwarding?

1:09 How does port forwarding work?

1:50 Is port forwarding safe?

2:10 Can you ensure security with a VPN?

3:07 Conclusion

===== What is port forwarding? ====

Let’s start with the main question on your mind: What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding is a way of accessing private networks, like your home or business servers, from outside that network.

That means external devices can communicate with your computer, even if it is located within a private network.

Without port forwarding, it would be impossible for the outside devices to see IP addresses of the devices within the network, they would only see the external one, that belongs to a gateway.

==== Why use Port forwarding? ====

But why would you want to enable port forwarding on PC or any other device?

Well, technical parts aside, port forwarding is actually helpful if you are playing online games or torrenting. With it, you can even access your work computer from home and increase your P2P download speed as well!

==== How does Port forwarding work? ====

But I hear you asking: “How? How does port forwarding work?”

Don’t worry, I’m about to have port forwarding explained for you!

Well, you probably know that all internet traffic consists of packets passing through your router on the way to your device and you.

Port forwarding allows internet traffic to reach private servers or your device specifically, using a predetermined port.

This means that packets coming to you won’t be delayed at the firewall, effectively increasing your download and upload speed. Provided, of course, you set up your port forwarding correctly.

There’s also no chance any packets will get blocked by the firewall, which is very effective if your router tends to block information fr
Finding valuable NFT projects early is laborious. That’s why in this video, we share some tips and techniques that will help you evaluate collections more effectively.


Jump to the part you’re curious about:

0:00 NFT project’s Twitter

1:36 Whale activity

2:11 NFT project’s Discord

2:25 NFT project’s team


Watch other NFT videos on our channel:




Other helpful tools:


What’s minting?:

Rarity Sniper:

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1️⃣ Surfshark -

2️⃣ IPVanish -

This comparison features two of the most affordable VPNs right now, but don’t be fooled, there’s more to this IPVanish vs Surfshark comparison. I’m John from VPN PRO and I’m here to deliver you the most in-depth of all the Surfshark vs ipvanish 2022 reviews. I’ve tested these two VPNs extensively, and I’m pumped about showing you everything I learned about these services.

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💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:



0:00 Intro

0:32 How secure is Surfshark and IPVanish?

0:58 Do these providers employ RAM-only servers?

1:14 Where is IPVanish located?

1:25 Where is Surfshark located?

1:58 What features do these providers offer?

3:19 How fast are these VPNs?

3:52 Is IPvanish or Surfshark better at streaming?

4:47 Can you use these VPNs on any device?

5:34 Which VPN brings more value for money?

6:24 Final thoughts

Security and Privacy:

Ok, let’s start with Security and Privacy - the essential stuff. On the baseline, Surfshark and IPVanish are keeping up with the times - both satisfy the standards of modern encryption. They also both have a kill switch, a feature designed to prevent leaks during connection instability - I found this one to be more important than it sounds! Okay, we’re done with similarities in this Surfshark vs IPvanish review, for now. A lot of differences follow, starting with server architecture.

Surfshark uses RAM-only servers for a while now, meaning they can’t keep user data long-term. IPVanish still uses hard-drive servers, but unlike Surfshark, it owns every one of their servers. The jurisdiction is also different: any IPVanish VPN review will tell you that this service is located in the US, which as we all know is part of the five-eyes intelligence sharing alliance.


Otherwise, it’s time to talk about performance. Since both use the WireGuard protocol, I didn’t expect major differences in speeds. After all, even in server number, IPVanish and Surfshark are quite close, both having enough servers to sustain a major user base, even though IPVanish covers a bit less countries. However, Surfshark speed test shows a better result, both in the closest server and in the US.


Since streaming is the main asp
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1️⃣ NordVPN discount -

Check our best VPN list here -

Is NordVPN free? No, not really. But in this video I will show you how to get NordVPN for free for over a month and in a totally legal way. NordVPN is a premium VPN service that offers plenty of essential features. But even though there is no NordVPN free version per se, it is possible to use the service for about a month and a week on top and enjoy everything it has to offer without losing any money. I will show you how to proceed exactly.

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💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:



0:00 Intro

0:35 How to get the NordVPN free trial?

1:50 How to cancel the free trial?

2:18 How to use the 30-day money-back guarantee?

3:17 Can I always get a refund?

3:33 Are there any risks?

4:06 Final thoughts

In order to get NordVPN free, I will first tell you about the NordVPN 7 days free trial deal. In order to use it you need to subscribe first on Android, via Google Play Store. But once you’ve activated the free trial, you can then use NordVPN on just about any device. Note that the free trial is only available to first time users, and NordVPN will remember your device and won’t let you claim the trial again.

This NordVPN free trial is absolutely risk-free. Even if you will be asked to fill in your payment details when you register, you won’t be charged anything until your trial runs out. And with NordVPN free, you can fully enjoy all of the features offered by NordVPN premium version.


How to get NordVPN for free?


On your Android device, go to Google Play Store and download NordVPN. Once downloaded, you need to register by creating a new account. Then, choose your future plan and click on “Free trial”. On the next window, click on “Start free trial”.

Once you have registered, you can cancel the NordVPN subscription at any moment during the 7 days period. Even immediately after activating it. Your free trial will remain active, but you won’t be charged after it ends. You can cancel your 7-day free trial via the same Android device, or by getting in contact with NordVPN support. However, if you also want to enjoy the perks of the NordVPN 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee, don’t cancel just yet.

I’m now
Need to access IP’s in the UK and don’t know which proxy providers to choose? No worries. By putting various providers through performance tests we compiled a list of the best 5.


Mentioned providers:



Bright Data:




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1️⃣ NordVPN -

2️⃣ Surfshark -

3️⃣ AtlasVPN -

I’m sure you’ve seen many VPN apps on Google Playstore. But finding the best VPN for Android in that landmine field of apps could be difficult – most are dangerous and cannot be trusted. This video will show you what an ideal Android VPN app should look like, in precise detail. You’ll also learn how to find the best Android VPN, and I’ll give you my top three VPN Android recommendations.

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💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:


So, let’s start with answering the question: Why use VPN on Android? There are nearly 2.5 billion Android users worldwide, and it’s just natural for cybercriminals to target them. And unlike Apple Store, Google Playstore does not vet listed apps well enough. Many Android VPN apps are ad-selling platforms, and some even contain spyware. When it comes to finding the best 2022 VPN, Android users have a lot to be careful about.


0:00 Intro

0:30 Why use VPN on Android?

1:11 Why NordVPN is an excellent VPN for Android?

2:17 Can NordVPN keep you anonymous?

2:30 How good is NordVPN on Android?

3:06 Can NordVPN unlock streaming?

3:37 How good is Surfshark on Android?

4:30 Is Surfshark fast enough?

4:49 Surfshark: Is GPS override worth it?

5:30 Is Atlas VPN a good option for Android?

6:16 How powerful is AtlasVPN?

6:53 Final thoughts


NordVPN offers one of the best VPN services one could ask for, and I consider it an excellent VPN for Android 2022 for several reasons. One, NordVPN has seriously high security standards. It has ChaCha20 encryption, a powerful algorithm that encodes your data byte by byte. And it gets better – the NordVPN 2022 Android app features a unique NordLynx protocol, built based on the already very efficient WireGuard protocol. NordVPN has more than 5,200 servers in about 60 countries, and all of them help to ensure fast internet speeds. The NordVPN Android app has two Android-exclusive features: Pause and Auto-Connect. You can use the Pause feature to disconnect from NordVPN’s server for 5, 30 and 60 minutes. Auto-Connect will automatically resume your VPN connection when your set time elapses.


Surfshark is another great VPN Android app. If you are looking for the best VPN service for Andro
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2️⃣ Surfshark -

3️⃣ PrivateVPN -

Can’t find any more interesting shows and movies on Netflix in your region? It’s time to switch to the biggest library and discover all US Netflix content from anywhere in the world. You may currently be missing out on a long list of Netflix US movies, and TV shows. However, this video will show you how to get American Netflix from anywhere in the world and which Netflix US VPN providers are the best for it.

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💣My full list of TOP VPN providers:


Can’t wait to learn how to get American Netflix? Say hello to VPNs. With a VPN, you can spoof your device’s current location to the US. Simply, select a US server and wait for it to connect. Once it’s connected, you are all set to watch US Netflix – yeah, it’s that effortless.


0:00 Intro

0:36 What's the benefit of accessing American Netflix?

1:03 How can a VPN help you access US Netflix?

2:01 What are the steps to unlock American Netflix?

3:20 How to use a VPN to unlock US Netflix once logged in?

3:55 Is it safe to use a VPN with Netflix?

4:23 What are the best VPNs for Netflix?

4:39 What to do if US Netflix is not working?

5:11 Final thoughts


To unlock the US Netflix movies and TV shows, you don’t need a separate account.

You can access all libraries of the platform using just a single account. Basically, all Netflix accounts are the same, it’s the location of your device that dictates the type of the content you can access. You might be thinking, what’s on Netflix US, right? Well, there are many titles that are only available in the US region. NCIS, The Master, Friday Night Lights, and The Machinist are some of the US-only TV shows and one of the biggest reasons to learn how to watch US Netflix.

Let me download and install the NordVPN app on my device. I’ll first head towards the official website of NordVPN, located at www.nordvpn.com. Then, I’ll scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Now, you can select any platform here, but let’s go with Windows for now. Download and install the app, following all the instructions and you are set! On the first startup, I’ll have to enter some details to log into my previously created NordVPN account.

To d